Master Lash Artist

Nikki Hagen. Licensed Esthetician. PMU Microblading Brows,Certified in Russian Volume Lash Extensions. Master Lash Artist, and Owner of Epic Lash Pro

Eyes are the windows to our soul, lashes are the curtains.


To have Epic Lashes and Brows. To give excellent service each and every time so you feel special, relaxed and beautiful with long, thick amazing lashes and the newest trends of PMU, Microblading Brows to give a natural, realistic brow to enhance or recreate.


As a Lash Artist I am always keeping up on the newest techniques, and am proud  to announce the 2D-6D Russian(xD) volume lash technique. 2-6 +  extensions: 1 natural lash. This is not clusters or flares and  is very safe for natural lashes because the diameter of the extension is ultra thin and are hand made. There is classic and there is Russian volume, two very different techniques.

 Warning- Educate yourself by researching as much as you can before deciding to have this service done. Make sure you are choosing a properly state board licensed and properly hands-on, trained professional. When lash extensions are applied correctly they are not damaging and are an amazing enhancement. Eyelash extensions should be weightless and little maintenance required other than the Re-Lash appointments. When you come to Epic Lashesand Brows, you are in good hands with someone who is licensed and properly trained. Your lashes should not be stuck together , hurting, pulling or poking. Full sets should take about  11/2- 2 hrs and Re-Lash (fills) should take  1 hour. Volume sets are up to 15 min's more time. 


Be weary of paying very little, In the end more money ends up being spent to have them removed .  Take the time to look at pictures of their work and ask questions. Hopefully that helps if and when you decide get Lashed:)





Licensed Esthetician -  Certified Lash Specialist- Certified in Microblading Brows

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