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 Price List- Volume Lashes  2-6 Lash extensions : 1 natural lash, Mega Volume 6-15: 1 natural lash.

 What are Volume Lashes???

Volume Lashes are taking the world by storm.  It is the newest technique that originated in Russia about  10 years ago. Epic Lashes and Brows have been offering Volume since 2013!!!!This technique is not for the beginner lasher, and many are still unaware that it exists. It is a special lash pick up, using special tools, along with customizing the fan ( bouquet) using ultra thin lash extensions that are not used in the traditional lash extension sets. 2-6x more thickness is added or Mega Volume 6-15  Epic Lashes is certified in volume with countless hours of training. Clients mostly prefer this method over traditional. Very lightweight, fluffy, thick, volume. WE DO NOT USE CLUSTERS OR FLARES! Please look on Instagram or Facebook for daily pictures.

Full Set - Volume Lash Extensions

Fills - Volume Lash Extensions


$250.00-Mega Volume

Volume Fill- More than 1/2 left of lash extensions...... $70.00  Extended Fill $90.00

Mega Fill- More than 1/2 left of lash extensions.... $85.00

Extended Fill $110.00 


 Volume lashes are not premade fans, it is a different lash technique all together and additional training is needed.They are ultra light to create a light ,yet fuller look.


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